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Here at Seriously Organized we are serious about YOU! We create custom solutions and arm you with relevant tools that will lift your stress, give you a sense of peace, transform your space and fill you with excitement for your new beginning!

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Whether you want to declutter or organize rooms or closets in your home or office space or you need help getting ready for the “big move”, we work closely with you to develop an organizational system and strategy that suits you, your family or your business. We will meet and listen to you first, working diligently to create your plan with your goals and vision in mind. We then implement our system to create everything you need to feel more productive, enjoy your space and lift all stress from you mind. (P.S. Don’t let our thorough process scare you, we understand how much is on your plate). We at Seriously Organized have this down to a science and get our jaw dropping results with very little of your time. Once we have done our initial research with you on your wishes, we get started and no need for you to give us a second thought. Each one of our customers and their situations are uniquely different. Through our sincere patience and care, we will leave you with a new transformed home, work space, or a move so smooth you will feel renewed and refreshed and look 10 years younger! Just kidding about the looking younger part, but some of our clients in fact do FEEL ten years younger when their burden is lifted!  



A home's design is important. We create the most effective organizational design for YOUR space.

DECLUTTER and Magnetize Your Space

A space should be tailored to suit YOU. We'll organize your space the way that best works for your daily life.

Office Tragic to OFFICE Magic

Choosing the right organizational systems for your office is essential. Don't stress, we'll simplify the day-to-day.

Let's Get You MOVED

Moving in or moving out we take the stress of each room off your plate. Ditch the boxes and embrace your new adventure.

“My nickname for her is locomotive! I have never seen anyone move so fast and yet the care behind it masterful.” - Sara

Closet Testimonial

"You know that sinking, heavy feeling walking into a messy, unorganized closet each morning, trying to figure out what to wear and then top it off with not being able to find what you are looking for? 

I will never start my day that way again! 

My large walk in closet went from pig-pen to Zen in one day after Trish did what I can only call a miracle magic trick! 

When I saw my closet redone my mouth fell to the floor and I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it was the same closet! I teared up from such a feeling of peace and joy! It was more than worth it, everyone needs a little Seriously Organized in their life!" 

CEO, local executive recruiting firm

Moving Testimonial

"If you look in the dictionary my picture is next to frugal. So, when my sweet husband saw my level of stress he told me to hire help. I said no way! 

But with his work/travel, my own business schedule and the needs of our 2 girls, time was not on my side. From the moment we met I felt so much warmth, care and most importantly comfortable to put our pre-move declutter and moving needs in her hands. I was most impressed with her attention to every detail. 

When I came home the first day I was 100% shocked at all she had accomplished. So much so I asked her to manage our move and help us unpack and organize our kitchen and girl’s rooms. She did that and more to help! 

My nickname for her is locomotive! I have never seen anyone move so fast and yet the care behind it masterful. 

I laugh now at how hard I fought it! I feel very blessed and grateful for her hard work and care with all areas of our family! We would have never done it without her so seamlessly and I am forever grateful. She is seriously amazing!" 

A very grateful Sara! -small local business owner

Feeling Anxious? 

Revealing a part of your home or office is not always easy to do. We have seen it all, I can assure you, and to us, the bigger the task, the more excited we get!! Never judging and maintaining your confidentiality is the bedrock of our work. We bring joy, discretion, structure (and humor!) with us when we arrive at your doorstep, every time. Each customer is treasured as if they were a family member, and are given the utmost respect, privacy and total confidentiality.

All About Trish

“I am obsessed and seriously passionate about all aspects of organization. I love helping individuals, families and businesses create their successful space to thrive! I am committed to working for you and the changes you need and desire to give you a new fierce pep in your step and a fresh new outlook on all that is possible, no exceptions!”

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